10 Signs Your Dog Loves You


A woman kissing her dog on the cheecks

It is very easy for a fur parent to show their love to their lovely pets especially dogs but for your lovely dog, the only way they can communicate to you is through his/her doggie language. If you are wondering if your dog loves you the same way you love him/her here is the list of the Signs Your Dog Loves You.

10 Ways Your Dog Tells You I Love Y...
10 Ways Your Dog Tells You I Love You

If you are a fur parent it is given that you love your pets so much that you treat him/her like your own child. Loving your dog is very precious and can create strong bonds between you and him/her that will last fur-ever.

Here are the 10 Signs Your Dog Loves You:

1. Your Dog Looking You with Soft Eyes

Dogs make eye contact in many different meaning, it could be threatening, anger, or love. When dogs look at you with soft gaze or puppy eyes it means they want your attention and care, it is their way to show their affection to you.

If your dog looks at you with their soft puppy eyes it’s a big privilege because he/she chooses you and loves you.

2. Your Dog Always Follow You

A dog always following his owner

If you are wondering why your dog always follows you wherever you go, it could mean a lot for example he/she follows you because he/she is hungry or want to go outside to pee or poop. It could also a way to show their affection to you.

If you love someone it is natural for you to always want to stay beside that person, it is also the same way for your lovely dog. Your dog follows from room to room and waiting for you with bated breath is a sign they love you so much.

3. Excitedly and Happily Greet You

After a very long and tiring day from work when you go home and your lovely dog excitedly and happily greet you at the door is the very best feeling, you can feel throughout the day.

Your dog does this because they are genuinely happy to see you which means they love you so much to miss you while you are not around.

4. Your Dog Knows Your Name

It is proven that your dog will remember his/her name but when your dog knows your name it means you are important to them too. When your dog hears your name and reacted excitedly even you are not around it means he/she remembers your name and knows it’s you, hi/she is expecting to see you which means true love.

5. Your Dog Loves to Lean on You

A dog leaning to his owner

Your dog rubbing his/her face on you or just leaning on you while you are sitting on the couch is their way to show their love to you. Leaning on you means your dog trusts you and comfortable around you.

6. Strickly Following the Rules

It’s very important for a fur parent to train and set rules for their dog, if your dog tries extra hard to obey those rules it means that he/she respects you and it means love.

If you see your dog trying his/her best to make you proud and happy give it back to him/her by giving treats to show that you appreciate what he/she did.

7. Cuddling with You

A woman and her dog cuddling

Dogs are natural territorial beings, they love to have their own space at home where they can sleep and relax. If your dog cuddles right on top of you it means they ask for some love, and he/she loves you and wants to stay beside you.

It’s very rewarding if your lovely dog sleeps and cuddles with you at night especially if it is a very tiring day and cold night.

Check this perfect dog bed for you and your dog to cuddle up on amazon.

8. Always want to Play with You

A dog playing frisbee with her owner

When your dog always wants to play with you it means that she/he enjoys your company. If she/he sacrifices her/his favorite toy to you it means to love.

Gift your dog a toy that they can play with while you are not home, check these lovely dog toys that you can buy on Amazon.

9. Your Dog Always Smiling at You and Wagging His/Her Tail

Corgi dog smiling

You have to know the difference between smiling and panting. If your dog smiling while looking at you and wagging his/her tail it means he/she is happy to be with you and loves you as much or more than you love him/her.

10. Your Dog Loves Licking You

Like kissing licking is the way for a dog to show their affection to you. If your dog leaves his/her favorite toy or food to go to you and licks you it means he/she loves you more than anything.

We hope that this 10 Signs Your Dog Loves You helps you understand your dog more, if you want to know the Signs if Your Dog is Happy check my other article here.

Dogs is a “mans best friend” they have the ability to understand human more than human understands others. They are also the only animals who can love you more than they love his/her own self so respect and love them as much as you can. If you received that much love you should take responsibility and love them back.

Butler Oh
Butler Oh
Butler Oh is a long time dog lover. Dogs are always part of her family since she was young and she grows up as a loving and caring fur parent. She has been part of our team here at ohmylovelypets since 2019 and has provided a lot of great research and information about dogs.


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