10 Ways You Are Hurting Your Dog Without Knowing It



It is responsible for every fur parent to make sure their lovely pets are staying fit, healthy, happy, and well-loved. You just have to and want to give your dog a happy and healthy life, whether it’s picking the appropriate dog food or purchasing them all the greatest toys. However, you may be doing some very harmful activities on a daily basis without knowing thinking it may harm your dog. Here are 10 Ways You Are Hurting Your Dog Without Knowing It.

1. Exposing Your Dog to Strong Smells

Ways You Are Hurting Your Dog Without Knowing It

Dogs have a much more delicate sense of smell than even the most modern man-made technology. In their nostrils, they have up to 300 million olfactory receptors, compared to roughly six million in humans. And the portion of a dog’s brain dedicated to smelling is nearly 40 times larger than ours.

Consider how nauseous dogs will feel if they are doused with a strong scent or brought into a room with other people with a really strong odor. It is best to keep your lovely pet away from your perfume and other scented items, and as much as possible, avoid strong-smelling chemicals.

2. Feeding Your Dog With Anything (Human Food, Scrap Food, etc.)

Most fur parent doesn’t know that human food is the most dangerous food for their lovely pets. Giving your dog human food (of course not all) is harmful to your dog’s health. Your dog’s basic canal, like its dietary requirements, is significantly different from ours human.

The food you eat is usually too spicy, sweet, fatty, or salty for dogs. Human food, even small crumbs off the table, is far too poisonous for your dog, and you should avoid feeding it to them.

If you want to feed your lovely dogs human food make sure to do some research and ask your vet for proper guidance. Check here some healthy human foods you can safely feed to your dogs and some dangerous human food for dogs that you should avoid giving to them.

3. Leaving Your Dog Alone In The Car

Never leave your lovely dogs alone in the car, especially if the air conditioning is turned off even in a short period of time. Whether you’re parked in the sun or not, your car’s interior temperature rises by 20 degrees in 10 minutes. Because dogs don’t sweat like humans, it’s easy for them to overheat, and it’s difficult to tell when they’re getting too hot, which could lead to heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

If you can’t really avoid leaving your pet inside the car, make sure to leave the air condition ON and come back as soon as possible.

4. Not Giving Your Dog Excersie

Ways You Are Hurting Your Dog Without Knowing It

Exercising your dog keeps him fit and healthy while also lowering behavioral issues like excessive licking, barking, chewing, digging, and other anxiety-related behaviors. It also aids your dog’s development of trust and confidence in you and their surroundings.

Not getting enough exercise can contribute to physical issues such as obesity, as well as behavioral issues. Boredom makes dogs uncomfortable, and they might express their dissatisfaction by chewing, barking excessively, toileting in the home, and too much licking.

5. Not Having A Routine and Rules

Dogs have natural tendencies that may or may not be accepted in their new home, and some of these behaviors may be hazardous, destructive, or unhealthy. You’ll be teaching your puppy to know what is and isn’t appropriate from the start if you create a list of home rules.

Dogs are social creatures, and how happy they are in their environment determines how they feel about the world. Routines are beneficial to dogs since they allow them to know what to anticipate each day and when to expect it.

Having a fixed routine and rules in your household that your dogs can follow is very important to keep them safe and to care for them easily. Make sure as a fur parent you do your best to teach your lovely dogs a set of rules that they can follow inside and outside your home.

6. Not Giving Them The Opportunity To Socialize

Ways You Are Hurting Your Dog Without Knowing It

One of the most common ways you are hurting your dog without knowing it is not proving them enough socialization. Socialization teaches your dog how to respond to the world in a healthy way, without fear or hostility. This aids in the development of a well-behaved pet that is more fun to be around. It’s also healthier for their physical well-being.

Dogs who have not been socialized exhibit a dread of new or unfamiliar situations. Adrenaline hormones are released, which raise heart and respiratory rates as well as blood pressure. It’s also more difficult to take your dog out for exercise and to the doctor if he or she is socially challenged. Start socializing your dog at a young age to avoid future issues for both you and your dog.

7. Buying A Wrong Collar Size

You might not notice but one common ways you are hurting your dog without knowing it is buying him or her a new collar that doesn’t fit his or her size. It is critical to select the proper collar size for your dog’s safety and comfort. It should not be too loose for them to slide out of, nor too tight for them to feel cramped. You can know that you find the right collar size for your lovely dog if you can fit a finger between the collar of the dog for small and medium breeds, and two fingers for large dogs.

8. Doing Physical Punishment

Ways You Are Hurting Your Dog Without Knowing It

It’s important to discipline your dog, in fact, punishment may help to halt your dog’s poor behavior, and if given at the right moment, it may make your pet less likely to repeat the behavior you don’t like in the future.

Physical punishment, on the other hand, should never be used against your pet. Physically punishing your pet is, first and foremost, animal maltreatment. Second, when it comes to training a pet, physical punishment is ineffective. It will just make your pet fear you.

Not only are punishment and dominance-based approaches inappropriate and unnecessary, but they are also ineffective since they have the opposite emotional impact.

9. Not Brushing Your Dog Teeth

To avoid periodontal disease in your dog, brush his or her teeth practically as regularly as you do. Cleaning your dog’s teeth on a regular basis might help keep that stench at bay. A plaque will build if the food particles that adhere to their teeth and gums are not removed. The biological mechanism is the same as it is in people. Plaque, a biological biofilm, covers the teeth’s surface.

It’s best to start teaching them the process when they’re pups, so you don’t have to put up with a mini-wrestling match every time you try to brush them as they become older. Supplemental chewing sticks aren’t quite as effective as brushing, because brushing ensures that all of your teeth are reached. Also, be sure to use dog-specific toothpaste.

10. Not Going To The Vet

We understand that taking your dog to the vet may be a hassle, not to mention costly. Regular checkups, on the other hand, are critical for your dog’s health. The veterinarian can spot problems you aren’t even aware of. They’ll also make sure your dog’s weight is under control and that their teeth are in good shape.

If your budget is low and you’re not sure you’ll be able to afford veterinary treatment, there are a few options, such as attending vet school or seeking assistance from a local charity. Remember that a regular check-up can detect early diseases that can be treated and be prevented to get worse. Making sure your lovely dog’s vaccination is always updated can also prevent specific diseases that your dog might experience.

Is any of this list of Ways You Are Hurting Your Dog Without Knowing It have you done? We hope that you are not doing any of this but if you now is the right time to change! Let’ us know more about your ways of taking care of your lovely dog in the comment below.

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