Can Dog Eat Dinuguan (Blood Stew)?


Can Dog Eat Dinuguan (Blood Stew)?

Can Dog Eat Dinuguan (Blood Stew)? Are you familiar with one of the best and most popular Filipino dish called dinuguan or blood stew in English? Or if you have a close relative or friend that loves to cook this delicious dish every time you come to their house, you must come to like this dish even though we are sure that at first you feel not want to tase it because of its look.

If you are one of those people that comes to like this unusual meal for Americans, we tell you, you are not alone! Maybe some Americans out there even learn how to cook it on their own because they like it partner with buns or much more Puto. If you are one of those people that loves dinuguan and you have a pet at home looking at you with begging eyes while you are eating you must feel like giving them a taste, however, Can Dog Eat Dinuguan (Blood Stew)?

Dinuguan or Blood Stew is not a common meal in America and other European countries, but because of its unique taste it becomes slowly known around the world rathan than asian only that is why their are a lots of people encounting if they can also give this delicious dish to their dog so that they can enjoy it together

What is Dinuguan (Blood Stew)?

Dinuguan is a delicious Filipino stew made of pigs organ meats commonly lungs, kidneys, intestines, ears, heart,  and/or meat, cooked in a thick, spicy black sauce made with pig blood, garlic, chili (green chili), onion, garlic, vinegar, and some local even add thick cream to make the stew creamer.

Puto or siopao is the best pair of dinuguan for snack but most people loves it to pair with hot rice and cold soda drinks (mostly coke!)

Can Dog Eat Dinuguan (Blood Stew)?

The short answer is No. All human food that is seasoned with different spices can be dangerous and toxic to dogs. Dinuguan or blood stew has a high content of salt or sodium that can cause sodium poisoning, it is produced by sodium chloride, which is required to keep the body’s water levels balanced, it is an important component of your dog’s metabolic system.

Eventhough liver and heart of a pork is healthy and very delicious meal for dogs, dinuguan has other ingredient that can cause poisoning for them such as the following:

Pigs Blood

Unproper care and cook blood can carry diseases a or viruses that can harm both human and animals when eaten. Blood products may be lawfully incorporated in pet food as long as they are derived from healthy animals (such as pig, cow, or chicken).


Dogs can’t taste spiciness, however although a dog may not respond to spicy food in the same manner that a person would, the consequence of consuming spicy food on a dog may cause stomach ache, diarrhea, or worsen their health.

Garlic and Onion

Dogs are poisoned by all parts of the onion plant, including the flesh, leaves, juice, and processed powders. Onions, garlic, shallots, leeks, and chives, as well as the rest of the allium family (garlic, shallots, leeks, and chives), are toxic to dogs in any form, whether raw, cooked, dried, or powdered.

Pepper and Salt

It is okay for dogs to eat salt and pepper in their meal. While your dog’s body need salt (sodium) on a regular basis, too much can result in serious sickness or death. While a little amount of black pepper is typically considered healthy for dogs, too much might cause gastrointestinal issues.


Can Dog Eat Dinuguan (Blood Stew)? THE ANSWER IS A BIG NO. It is very important to make sure that your dog’s food and treats are healthy and safe for him or her.

Always see your veterinarian if you have any concerns about your lovely pets, it is essential to be informed in order for your pet to have a long and happy life with you!

We hope we answer your question on whether Can Dog Eat Dinuguan (Blood Stew) or not. Tell us more about your concern in the comment below and we will try to give you an answer on that!

Butler Oh
Butler Oh
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