Can Dogs Drink Soju?


Korean dramas, variety shows, k-pop stars, and Korean celebrities must be the reason why you become familiar with soju but because of its vaguely sweet, and milky flavor, you must learn to like and enjoy drinking this at a party or in a simple movie night. If you love the taste of soju and you know that it is one of some alcoholic drinks that have low alcohol content you must wondering if you can share this with your lovely pets. Can Dogs Drink Soju? keep reading to find out!

Soju (also referred to as Korean Vodka) is a Korean alcoholic drink that rises popularity around the world, it is a clear or colorless alcohol drink that is made from starch or grain of rice, wheat, barley, potato, or sweet potato.

The alcohol content of soju varies from about 16.8% to 53% alcohol by volume (ABV) it is low so it’s great to partner with other food. In the bars across the United States, they started playing with soju as a cocktail ingredient. Kitchen Story in San Francisco, for example, swaps vodka for soju in its Bloody Mary.

Can Dogs Drink Soju?

Dogs should not drink soju or any other types of alcoholic drink. Like an onion, garlic, avocado, chocolate, and more soju (or any alcohol) is very toxic to dogs even its alcohol by volume (ABV) is low.

Any amount of alcohol is not advisable to drink or taste by dogs, if your dog accidentally drank alcoholic drinks there is a high possibility of alcohol poisoning (Alcohol Toxicity in Dogs) to them so contact your veterinarian immediately.

Some symptoms of alcohol toxicity in dogs are vomiting, disorientation, loss of bodily control (ataxia), diarrhea, and drooling, if you see any of these to your dog after he drank or taste soju or any alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, whisky, vodka, and more bring him to the animal emergency clinic or hospital or contact your vet immediately.

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Butler Oh
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