Can Dogs Eat Burrito?


Can Dogs Eat Burrito?

Hi Dear! Is your dog accidentally ate some burritos left on your table or countertop? or While you’re eating your favorite burritos while binge-watching your fave serries on Netflix your lovely dog staring at you with begging eyes to give him some bite of it but you’re not sure if it is safe for him to have some? Well, you’re on the right page! Can Dogs Eat Burrito? Is Burritos Healthy for Dogs? and all other related questions will be answered below.

Here at ohmylovelypets we are not experts (vet or nutritionist) however we create every content with a deep study and research to provide facts that can be helpful to our co-fur parents like you in taking care of their lovely pets.

Before you learn if your lovely pets especially dogs can eat burritos or not, you must study and carefully analyze what is burritos and what are made of. Now, let’s start!

What is Burrito?

The burrito is a Mexican dish made of a flour tortilla wrapped with a variety of fillings such as chicken, beef, pork, rice, cooked beans (either whole or refried), vegetables, cheese, and condiments.

The tortilla used in burritos is sometimes lightly grilled or steamed to soften it before it is wrapped.

Some people get confused between burritos and tacos if they are the same dish. The taco is a small hand-sized tortilla that is folded in half around the ingredients while the burritos are a little bit larger and wrapped and sealed with a variety of fillings.

The common ingredients used in making burritos are the following:

  • Rice (mostly Mexican rice)
  • Ground Beef,Pork, Chicken
  • Beans (either whole or refried)
  • Cheese
  • Onion & Garlic
  • Chili Pepper
  • Condiments (salsapico de galloguacamole, or crema and more)
  • Flour Tortilla

In general, Burrito is tasty food that you can enjoy in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even while your commuting because it’s easy to grab wrapped, it is also a good source of protein and fiber that is beneficial to you. However, like any other food, too much of it is not advisable. Burritos condiments or extra ingredients can significantly increase the number of calories and amounts of fat and salt that are not healthy for you.

Note: Too much good and healthy food are also bad for health.

Can Dogs Eat Burrito?

Can Dogs Eat Burrito?

The short answer is NO! Burritos whether homemade or store-bought are not healthy and can be very harmful to dogs. Some of its ingredients are toxic for such as the following:

  • Cheese – some dog that has lactose intolerance ( a digestive disorder caused by the inability to digest lactose, the main carbohydrate in dairy products).
  • Tomato – Tomatine is a toxic substance found in tomato plants and it is very harmful when consumed in large quantities. 
  • Onion Garlic – all vegetables in the allium genus including onion, garlic, scallion, etc are toxic to dogs. If your dog ate onion and garlic whether fresh, cook, or poweder they might develop hemolytic anemia (condition impacts/destroys a dog’s red blood cells) that if left untreated might result in a fatal condition.
  • Chili Pepper & Chili Powder – Dog should not eat spicy food it is toxic and can cause stomach ache, diarrhea, and GI to them. Spicy food can also cause excessive thirst, causing your dog to vomit or worse bloat.
  • Salt – food that is high in sodium (salt) is very harmful and can be toxic for dogs, it can make your him seriously thirsty and lead to sodium ion poisoning.
  • Tortilla – It is dangerous if your lovely pet has a wheat or gluten allergy.

If your dog accidentally ate some burrito/s you must consider bringing him to the vet immediately especially if the amount they eat is so large.

If your dog is lucky enough he or she might only experience stomach ache, vomiting, and diarrhea.


Can Dogs Eat Burrito? DON’T GIVE OR FEED YOUR DOG A BURRITO. It is very important to make sure that your dog’s food and treats are healthy and safe for him or her.

Always talk to your vet if you have a doubt about something related to your lovely pets, it is very important to be knowledgeable for your pet’s long and happy life with you!

If you have any questions just feel free to leave a comment below and we are sure to answer you as soon as possible.

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