Can Dogs Eat Grilled Cheese?


Can Dogs Eat Grilled Cheese?

When asked what is the best partner for tomato soup we are sure that most people will answer the grilled cheese, this combo is very delicious and a must-eat when relaxing or lounging. Now, as a fur parent while eating this delicious grilled cheese on cold winter days while watching Netflix near your fireplace and your dog is watching you with begging eyes you must be tempted to share it with him however before you do that ask yourself this question “Can Dogs Eat Grilled Cheese?”.

There is no better than sharing your food with your lovely pets however you have to make sure that it is healthy and not toxic for them. Keep reading to find out if grilled cheese is toxic or not for dogs.

What is Grilled Cheese?

Grilled cheese is a sandwich made with one or more varieties of cheese on bread. t is typically prepared by heating one or more slices of cheese between slices of bread, with a cooking fat such as butter, on a frying pan, griddle, or sandwich toaster, until the bread browns and the cheese melts.

The common ingredients of grilled cheese are the following:

  • Slice bread (white or wheat)
  • Cheese (commonly cheddar cheese)
  • Butter
  • Mayo (optional)

Can Dogs Eat Grilled Cheese?

The short answer is Maybe. Grilled cheese is not toxic for dogs however it is also not healthy for them. The common ingredients of grilled cheese such as bread (white or wheat), cheddar cheese, and butter are not ideal for dogs in large amounts.

  • Bread is safe for your dog in small amount if he/she doesn’t have any allergies.
  • Cheddar cheese is also safe for dogs in small amounts if he/she doesn’t have lactose intolerance (a digestive disorder caused by the inability to digest lactose, the main carbohydrate in dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese, etc.)
  • Butter is not advisable for dogs because it is fat that can cause pancreatitis for dogs if taken in large amounts.


In small amounts and in moderation grilled cheese won’t affect your dog’s health, however, if your dog has a sensitive stomach he might experience stomach ache, diarrhea, or vomiting that must be stopped after few hours (not more than 12 hours).

IT is better to not feed your dog grilled cheese because it doesn’t have any health benefit for your dogs, if your dog is begging you with your food give him/her the treats that are intended for him/her.

If your dog ate grilled cheese and shows severe symptoms it might best to call or bring him to the vet immediately.

Note: Always ask your vet before feeding your lovely pets new food especially if it is human food.

Butler Oh
Butler Oh is a long time dog lover. Dogs are always part of her family since she was young and she grows up as a loving and caring fur parent. She has been part of our team here at ohmylovelypets since 2019 and has provided a lot of great research and information about dogs.


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