Can Dogs Eat Korean Fish Cake?


Can Dogs Eat Korean Fish Cake?

As Korean culture especially food becomes more popular nowadays, their Korean fish cake is gaining popularity as a side meal around the world. Now as a fur parent, you must be wondering if you can share this delicious food with your lovely pets (especially dogs). “Can Dogs Eat Korean Fish Cake?”, “Is Korean fish cake soap safe to feed to dogs?” keep reading to find out!

What is Korean Fishcake?

Korean fish cake or fishcake is called Eomuk, it is made of surimi, wheat flour, onion, salt, sugar, and other additives like carrots and cooking wine.

Usually, Eomuk can be eomuk-tang (boiled on a skewer in broth) or eomuk-jeongol (fishcake hot pot), stir-fried to make eomuk-bokkeum (어묵볶음), and put in various dishes such as jjigae and gimbap.

Can Dogs Eat Korean Fish Cake?

Most of the ingredients used to make Korean fish cake is not safe and healthy for dogs, so for the question if can dogs eat fishcake the short answer is NO.

Korean fish cake is made with surimi (commonly Corvina or cuttlefish), wheat flour, onion, salt, sugar, and other additives. The following are some reason why dogs should not eat Korean fish cake:

  • Wheat flour allergy – some dogs have allergies to wheat, if your dog gets ear infections, suffers from skin irritation, or experiences bouts of vomiting or diarrhea after eating any food made with wheat you must consult the vet to know if your dog has a wheat allergy.
  • Onion toxicityall vegetables in the allium genus including onion, garlic, scallion, etc are toxic to dogs. If your dog ate onion and scallion or any food that has it they might develop hemolytic anemia (condition impacts/destroys a dog’s red blood cells) that if left untreated might result in a fatal condition.
  • Salt toxicity – any salty food/condiments that is high in sodium are toxic if taken in large amounts to dogs.
  • Sugar – too much sugar in dogs can result in obesity, diabetes, periodontal disease, and many more health problems.

If your dog accidentally ate a small amount of Korean fish cake you don’t have to worry he might only experience some stomach ache or diarrhea for a few hours and then back to normal after a while however if your dog continues to experience diarrhea and vomiting you must bring him to the vet immediately.

Can Dogs Eat Korean Fish Cake Soup?

As the weather is getting cold a hot and delicious soup is very recommended to keep you warm. Korean Fish Cake Soup or Eomuk-guk is perfect for this weather, however, can you share this delicious hot soup with your lovely dog to help him keep warm?

The short answer is No, the Korean fish cake which is the main ingredients of the Korean Fish Cake Soup is not healthy and has harmful ingredient for dogs, the soup is also made with ingredients that can be toxic for dogs like soy sauce and dried anchovy (which is salty and can cause salt poisoning if taken in large amount), green onion and garlic (can cause hemolytic anemia a condition that impacts/destroy a dog’s red blood cells), and dried kelp (can cause digestive blockages and salt poisoning).

Remember if you want to give your dog any new food especially if it is human food ask your vet first for guidance because not all human healthy food is healthy for your lovely pets too.

You can check our articles about “10 Human Foods that are Good for Dogs” and “5 Human Foods that are Bad for Dogs“.

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