Can Dogs Eat Octopus?


Can Dogs Eat Octopus?

Did you accidentally drop a piece of a slice of octopus on the ground and your dog eat it? or While you are busy on something your dog jumps on the table where the cooked or raw octopus is placed and devour it? We are sure as a fur parent you might panic and wonder what to do, you might question “Can Dogs Eat Octopus?” or “Should I rush to the Vet?” well don’t panic and read carefully this article because we cover all your questions for you to understand well what to do in this situation.

What is Octopus?

Octopus is seafood with soft rounded bodies, bulging eyes, and eight long arms. They are an excellent source of Iron, Omega-3, Selenium, Copper, Vitamin B12.

The cooked octopus was enjoyed by so many people around the world but in some countries, it also been eaten raw.

Can Dogs Eat Octopus?

Can Dogs Eat Octopus?

Dogs can eat well-cooked octopus (boiled or steamed octopus) in a small amount and in moderation. in moderation, it is not poisonous or toxic and a good source of omega-3, proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Food Database, the 100g serving of steamed octopus contains 163 calories, 29.62g of protein, 4.37g of carbs, and 2.07g of fat.  It is also rich in vitamins and minerals like 105mg of Calcium, 9.48mg of Iron, 277mg of Phosphorus, 626mg of Potassium, and more.

Can Puppies Eat Octopus? 

Puppy’s digestive system is very sensitive and not that fast to digest food like an adult dog, if you want to feed your little puppy an octopus or any new food introduce it gradually and in a small amount to see their reaction to the food. If your puppy or dog shows any symptoms of discomfort stop feeding it and consult your vet.

It is better to ask your vet before you give new food to your lovely pets to be safe.

Benefits of Feeding Octopus to Dogs

Eating fresh and well cooked seafood like octopus has a benefit of getting healthy nutrient’s that is good for both human and animals (note: not all seafood is safe to feed to dogs). The following are some of the health benefits a dog can get from eating enough amount of octopus:

1. Omega-3 – Is one of the good types of fat that helps your dog’s body and brain. Consuming the right amount of omega-3 can strengthen their immune system and could help fight canine cancer, it also helps maintain good skin and coat.

2. Protein – food can help burn fat and calories, it also helps your dog build and maintain muscles and heal wounds.

3. Vitamin B12 – is crucial for a healthy nervous system and brain function, as well as for the formation and growth of blood cells, it also helps with digestion.

4. Phosphorus – help maintain good bone and muscle.

5. Iron – perform important functions like carrying oxygen in the hemoglobin of red blood cells throughout the body so her cells can produce energy. It is also necessary for certain enzymes in the body to function normally.

Is Octopus Bad for Dogs?

It’s not bad to feed your dog an octopus as long as it is in moderation and in the right amount. Eating a high amount of seafood can expose you to mercury (a poisonous metal that can cause some harm to the nervous system).

Octopus should not be a part of your dog’s regular meal, although it has many healthy nutrients that are beneficial to dogs it should not replace the canine food that is specifically made for the dog.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Octopus?

Raw Octopus

You should not feed raw octopus to your dog, any raw food like raw meat can cause health problems in dogs. “As far as the risk of food poisoning goes, the octopus is not at the top of the list for seafood,” said Tschiesche. But according to a study by a group of researchers from Greece, they found Aeromonas hydrophila (can be even fatal for dogs) in 78% of octopus samples, Proteus Vulgaris (a common cause of urinary tract infections) in 26% of cases, and many more.

In many Asian countries like South Korea and Japan, it is a delicacy not just to have your food served raw but also alive. Octopus is one of the so many kinds of seafood that is served raw and sometimes alive but expert says that it is dangerous to eat live octopus even it is only tentacles because it will fight back that can cause choking that might kill you.


Dogs can eat well-cooked octopus without any herbs or spices (the best option is the boiled or steamed octopus) in a small amount and in moderation.

We always advised to ask your vet before trying out new food to your dog. If you see any symptoms of discomfort or health problems after feeding your dog a octopus immediately bring him/her to the nearest vet clinic/hospital.

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