Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes?


Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes?

Do you love eating rice cakes and wondering if you can share these delicious snacks with your lovely pets (especially dogs)?. Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes?, If yes, What type of rice cake can dogs eat? read on to find out!!

Can dogs eat Yorkshire pudding?
Can dogs eat Yorkshire pudding?

Before you learn the answer to those questions you must first learn what is rice cake and what are the different types of it.

What is Rice Cake?

Rice cake is a food made of rice that has been formed, thickened, or mixed with other ingredients. There are many types of rice cakes around the world especially in Asia where it is particularly prevalent.

The following are some types of rice cakes you can buy on the market or made on your own:

  1. Puffed rice cakes
  2. Chongyang cake
  3. Ciba cake 
  4. Puto
  5. Puto bumbong
  6. Mochi
  7. Tteok
  8. Tteokbokki
Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes?

Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes?

The short answer is YES but it doesn’t have enough nutritional value to make it a healthy food choice for dogs.

Dogs can eat rice cakes in small amounts and moderation as long as it is plain meaning without any added flavors. There are some rice cakes that are dangerous for dogs because of their ingredients like sugar, salt, chocolate, chili, and more.

Are Rice Cakes Healthy For Dogs?

Rice cakes (plain) don’t contain any harmful or toxic ingredients for dogs but it also has no enough health benefits to make it a healthy meal for them.

Are Rice Cakes Bad for Dogs?

The rice cakes themselves are not toxic or harmful for dogs but feeding too many rice cakes to dogs is making them expose to some health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, etc.

The following are some reason why rice cakes is not ideal regular food/treats for dogs:

  1. Rice cake is high in calories – Dogs are naturally energy so eating too many calories will only them lazy that will eventually result in gaining weight (that will make them obese).
  2. Bought store rice cake is high in sodium – Salt is very harmful to dogs, too much of it can result in salt poisoning that is very fatal if left untreated.
  3. Rice cake has not enough nutritional value – Rice cakes have little to no nutritional value that your dog needs to be healthy, so feeding this to him alone will only result in a deficiency of vitamins and minerals that your dogs need to live healthily.
  4. Rice cake is high in glycemic index – (GI) is a relative ranking of carbohydrates in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. Too much consumption of rice cake can result in raising the blood sugar level of your lovely pets (dogs).
  5. Some rice cakes have sugar – It is known that sugar is harmful to dogs’ health, too much of it can make your dog develop diabetes, periodontal diseases, and make him obese.

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There are so many types of rice cakes around the world they vary in flavor, texture, and viscosity depending on what country they come from. Let’s tackle now if your lovely pets (dogs) can eat the specific type of rice cake that you can buy or make on your own.

Can Dogs Eat Puffed Rice Cakes? 

Puffed rice cakes

Most dog breeds love to chew foods/treats especially if it is crunchy so a crunchy puffed rice cake can be their best pastime treat once in a while.

Puffed Rice Cake is an American rice cake that is commonly eaten as a snack. It is flat hard and crunchy food made with puffed rice (heating pre-gelatinized rice grains under high pressure, followed by pressing them together to form a firm plate), it is commonly plain in flavor but some have a flavor like chicken, sweet chili, cheese, butter, chocolate, caramel, salt, and vinegar, or apple cinnamon.

Dogs can eat plain-flavored puffed rice cakes in small amounts and in moderation. It is not toxic for dogs but also doesn’t have any have health benefits. Too much feeding puffed rice cake to your dog could only result in some stomach pain or diarrhea.


Can Dogs Eat Rice Krispies Treats?

Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies is a great healthy breakfast cereal derived from natural rice grains, it can also enjoy by your lovely pets (dogs) in small amounts especially if you used it as a reward while training.

Just make sure to only give your dog a small amount and in moderation to prevent stomach aches and diarrhea.

Can Dogs Eat Mochi?

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of short-grain japonica glutinous rice, and other ingredients such as water, sugar, and cornstarch, it also has a variety of flavors like double chocolate, sweet mango, mint chocolate chip, vanilla bean, strawberry, green tea, and more.

A plain mochi can be safely fed to dogs in small amounts and in moderation, too much of it can cause stomach ache, vomiting, or diarrhea. Avoid flavored mochi especially chocolate because it is toxic for dogs.


Can Dogs Eat Tteokbokki?

The short answer is NO. Tteokbokki or stir-fried rice cakes is not safe and healthy for dogs to eat because it has ingredients that are harmful and toxic to them such as onion, scallions, chili paste, and soy sauce.

The following are some of the ingredients why dog should avoid eating Tteokbokki:

  • Korean rice cakes ( garae-tteok) – it is long, white, cylinder-shaped rice cakes cut in haft. It is made with non-glutinous rice flour that is safe for dogs in small amounts however it has no health benefits that can give to dogs so ideally it is not recommended to feed in large amounts.
  • Onion & Scallion – all vegetables in the allium genus including onion, garlic, scallion, etc are toxic to dogs. If your dog ate onion and scallion or any food that has it they might develop hemolytic anemia (condition impacts/destroys a dog’s red blood cells) that if left untreated might result in a fatal condition.
  • Chili paste (gochujang) – Spicy food is toxic and can cause stomach aches, diarrhea, and GI to dogs. Spicy food can also cause excessive thirst, causing your dog to vomit or worse bloat.
  • Soy sauce (ganjang) – It is high in sodium and any salty food/condiments are toxic if taken in large amounts to dogs.

There are different version or types of Tteokbokki but all of them is considered not safe for dogs. If your lovely pets accidentally ate some Tteokbokki he might experience stomach aches, vomiting, and diarrhea call your vet or bring him to the animal emergency hospital as soon as possible if this shows.

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