Can Dogs Eat Grits?


Can Dogs Eat Grits?

If you are a busy person and don’t have much time of preparing breakfast the easiest and convenient food you can prepare and eat for yourself aside from the oatmeal and cereal is the grits. Now, as a busy fur parent, you must be wondering if you can feed your lovely pets especially dogs the same meal you eat mostly in the morning. Can Dogs Eat Grits? how about shrimp and grits? don’t worry and keep reading, everything you need to know is below!

What is Grits?

Grits is a porridge that originated from the USA and made from dried, mature corn kernels that are ground into smaller coarse bits. It is commonly served in breakfast and can be either savory or sweet. There are many types of grits such as stone-ground grits, hominy grits, quick grits, instant grits.

The shrimp and grits are grits serve with a shrimp as its name, it is commonly served as in lunch and dinner but some people love it as a breakfast.

Can Dogs Eat Grits?

The short answer is Yes but with some exceptions. A small number of grits won’t harm your lovely dogs but it should not be given to him/her on a regular basis or as part of his/her diet because grits have ingredients that are not healthy for dogs in a large amount such as salt, pepper, sugar, corn (if he/she has corn allergy), and many more.

If your dog eats too much or a large number of grits he/she might experience stomach ache, diarrhea, and vomiting. If your dog doesn’t have any other underlying health problems he/she must be okay after a few hours, if the symptoms continue more than 12 to 24 hours it is better to call your vet or bring your lovely pets to the nearest emergency animal hospital for proper diagnosis.

Note: A dog with corn allergy must avoid and never eat any types of grits.

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp and Grits?

Can Dogs Eat Grits?

In small amounts, dogs can eat shrimp and grits (just make sure your dog doesn’t have any allergy to either of the two main ingredients). Shrimp and grits have ingredients that are not healthy and can harm your dog in a large amount such as butter, salt, sugar, pepper, oil, scallions, bacon, and more so it is best to keep it away and not include it in their regular meal.


Dogs wont be harm in small amount of grits but a frequent eating or large amount of it can have impacts to his/her health. As much as possible don’t feed your lovely pets any human foods especially if it has ingredient that you are not sure if safe or not to their health.

Butler Oh
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