Dog Vomiting: What To Do?


Dog Vomiting

Dog vomiting may be caused by Dietary indiscretion, it happens when your dog eats unusual items or undergo a drastic change in feeding behavior, this may not be much cause for concern. However, vomiting might be the sign of more serious or even life-threatening health conditions that require the medical attention of a veterinarian.

Dogs vomit much more easily than humans. If a dog vomits frequently but maintains a normal appetite and weight, it is a cleaning problem more than a medical one.  -Dr. Weaver

What is Vomiting and It’s Couse?

As a fur parent, we must know how to differentiate Vomiting from Regurgitation, so that if we need to bring our fur baby’s to their Vet we can explain properly the symptoms we saw to our dogs for the vet to address the problem properly.

Vomiting is the result of the stomach ejecting its contents through the mouth. When a dog is vomiting it using the effort to bring food/liquid up. We have to remember that a dog throws up depending on its cause.

The food or material that our fur baby vomited is called Vomitus it contains lots of fluid from the stomach, the color of fluids comes from a watery to white foam or yellow it might also have a bloody color. Depending on the things that your dog ate’s will be its vomitus, it could be a dog foods or the non-food materials that your dog consumed and cannot be digested by the stomach.

The Regurgitation comes from problems in the esophagus, it is the tube where the food pass by before entering the stomach of a dog. A dog that is regurgitating will just burp up the food or the material that your dogs ate. In this case, it has no movement from the abdominal muscles pressing on the stomach because the food or other material stuck in the esophagus will not be digested. Remember that Regurgitation might be the sign of some problems in the esophagus.

How to Know if Vomiting is Serious and Needs a Medical Attention?

If your dog keeps vomiting several times in a row or for more than one day, or you see blood to its Vomitus and has a fever, you should bring your dog to its Vet immediately because severe vomiting could also lead to dehydration or diarrhea that might become fatal.

Dog Vomiting Treatment

There are some home remedies that you can give to your dog to relief their vomiting. These remedies are all effective but not to all dogs, sometimes it depends in some instances. It is still better and safe if you see your dog’s veterinarian to give the right medicine to your dogs.

These are the example Remedies to treat your vomiting dog at home:

1. Fast your dog

Fasting can give your dog stomach rest and time to recover because without food they don’t have anything to vomit. If you see your dog vomitus is like a yellow foamy fluid it means your dog’s stomach is empty. Make sure that you only fast your puppies not more than 12 hours while your adult dogs, not more than 24 hours.

2. Feed a bland diet

Vomiting can be a cause of poor or unhealthy diet so going back to the basic food to restart the digestion of your dog is the best way to heal their stomach. Giving bland foods to your dog is one of the best ways to calm their stomachs. Cooked boiled boneless chicken and mixed it with rice is a very soothing meal for a dog who has a bad stomach.

3. Rehydrate your dog

Vomiting can lead to dehydration, it is very important to keep your dog dehydrated so make sure they have access to the water but if they don’t feel drinking water offer ice tubes to them which are less likely to trigger more vomiting, you can also put their favorite toys inside of it so they can play. The other option is giving them food with a broth like Chicken soup.

4. Let your Dog to Rest

Some dogs play immediately after eating their meal that can lead to vomiting, so as a fur parent make sure you give your fur baby enough time to digest their meal before letting them play.

If your dog keeps vomiting or experiencing diarrhea for more than 24 hours, bring them to see their vet immediately, especially if your dog is a toy breed since they dehydrate much quicker than larger dogs. It is best too if your vomiting dog sees their vet so that they can take proper medication to address the problem properly.

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