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Communication is very important to understand other’s feelings, a strong and proper communication will lead to a strong bond of those involved. The most common way for a human to communicate is through talking, we say what we feel to others for them to understand us, but how about our furry baby, how they communicate to us, how can we understand them? Learn their Doggie Language, Understand Your Dogs Body Language!

Dog's language, understand your...
Dog's language, understand your dog

Dogs have their own way to communicate with their human friend. Dogs use sounds, posture, facial expressions, and other body languages to communicate to us, we just have to look at our dog’s face and his/her whole body.

The following are some of the Doggie Language that fur parents must know to understand their dog.

Doggie Language

1. Alert

Dogs are more sensitive to noise and smell than humans. They become alert when they detected something interesting or unknown, their ears will raise and their nose will sniff to assess the situation.

2. Suspicious

Dogs become suspicious when they sense a threat, their body will be stiff, with their head and neck raised, and tail high up.

3. Anxious/Fearful

Dogs become anxious or fearful when someone threatening them, they might try to pull back and start to growl or bark and sometime may attack if pressed.

When your dog shows this sign it is better to move them to another place.

4. Threatened

When a dog feels threatened their first response will be barking and biting for their self-defense. Commonly dogs become aggressive if there is a threat to their owner and their self-life, male dogs may also display aggressive behavior against another male dog when a female dog is in heat.

5. Angry

When a dog is angry his/her ears are flattened, the head is lowered, and he/she has a closed mouth and tight lips. Act calmly because your dog will act aggressively if he is challenged.

6. Feel Peace & Relaxed

You can see if your dog feels peace and relaxed when his/her ears are soft and his/her eyes are blinking, some dogs turn their head to you and just sniffing the ground. This Doggie Language only shows that your dog is unconcerned and unthreatened by any activities going on in his/her surrounding.

7. Stressed & Releasing Stress

A dog that is under stress shows a sign of nose licking, yawning, and scratching, dogs may get stress by the new environment, treatment of their family, or separation from their owner.

The common way of a dog to release their stress is by shaking their body, you should know what is the cause of this behavior of your dog to address it properly before it gets worse.

8. Showing love

When you get home and you see your dog stretching and jump on your legs, or they are showing their belly for you to rub, and wagging their tail it is their way to show their love to you, they are happy to see you and they trust you to be their furever family.

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Butler Oh
Butler Oh
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