How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth


How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

One of the important parts of the overall care of your lovely pets is their dental care. 8 out of 10 dogs at the age of three have a dental problem like plaque and tartar, some have a worse dental problem that can lead to life-threatening and painful infections such as kidney, heart, and liver infections. The right way of cleaning your dog’s teeth will prevent this to happen, but “How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?”.

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With the right care, you can slow down or stop the dental diseases of your dog. The clean teeth keep your dog’s breath fresh and it can also boost their happiness and health.

Step 1: Prepare All the Things Needed

1. Dog Toothbrush – The dog toothbrush has a unique design for you to reach the area that can’t reach by the regular toothbrush, it must also have a softer bristle to not hurt the sensitive gums of the dog. It is very important to choose the right size of a toothbrush to fit your dog.

2. Dog Toothpaste – Dogs shouldn’t use human toothpaste because it has chemicals that are harmful to them. Dog toothpaste is specifically formulated for the dog so it is safe to use by them, it also has a different flavor that your dog will love so it makes it easier for you to brush their teeth.

3. Clean Cloth – Using a toothbrush is ideal in cleaning your dog’s teeth but if your dog is not familiar or can’t tolerate brushing their teeth you can use a clean cloth to cleaning it instead, put a dog toothpaste on the clean cloth and slowly rub it on your dog’s teeth.

4. Dog Toys – Most of the dog doesn’t like brushing their teeth especially those who don’t use on it, giving your lovely pets as a distraction for them for you to take the opportunity.

5. Treats – After brushing your lovely pet’s teeth giving them a treat as a reward will make them used and like the procedure.

Step 2: Find the Right Time

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Set a routine so your dog will be used in brushing their teeth. It is better at a young age to introduce the procedure because they will not get stress about it in the long run, giving them a tasty treat every end of the procedure or every time they do well is a good strategy to make brushing their teeth exciting for them.

Daily brushing their teeth is ideal but if their teeth are healthy three times a week can make a difference too. Make sure that your dog is calm and relax before you start and don’t forget to praise them at every end of the procedure.

Step 3: Brushing Your Dog Teeth

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

1. Get your dog comfortable with your hand in its mouth so it will not stress when you start brushing its teeth.

2. Let your dog lick some toothpaste off to your finger this will help you determine how well it likes the toothpaste and it will help your dog get used to the taste of the toothpaste.

3. Introduce the Toothbrush to Your Dog let him/her inspect the brush before putting it in its mouth. Don’t force your dog to like the toothbrush it will stress them out, let them feel that it is alright and it wont harm them.

4. Assume the Right Position to make sure your dog is comfortable, don’t stand above your dog, hold him/her down, or take a threatening stance. Instead, try kneeling or sitting in front of or to the side of him/her. Finding a place where your dog feels more comfortable is the best option too.

5. Start Brushing its teeth slowly until your dog gets used to it. Make it a routine, start early as they are still puppy.

Step 4: Give Reward

Reward system is very effective in training your dog, with tasty treats every end of the procedure your lovely pets will surely enjoy the process.

Don’t forget to give your lovely dog their treats after you brush their teeth so next time they will look forward and excitedly brush their teeth.

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Step by Step Video

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