How To Groom and Bath a Dog (Step by Step Guide)


Step by Step Guide to Bathing and Grooming your Dog

Are you tired of going to your pet groomer and your planning to do it your self in your house? You are in the right place, I list down below the step by step process of proper bathing and grooming of your fur babies.

It is important to you as a pet owner to know How To Groom and Bath a Dog because a clean coat and skin keep your fur babies healthy and also your house to smell good.

The Basic Manner

The very important to consider is your fur baby must enjoy the bathing and grooming process. You can start and follow the step by step process below and just make sure to give your fur baby their favorites treats every end of the step so they can enjoy the process and will not be stressed.

How To Groom and Bath a Dog (Step by Step Guide)

Step by Step Guide on How To Groom and Bath a Dog:

Step 1: Brushing the fur

How To Groom and Bath a Dog (Step by Step Guide)

Every Day I brush my dog’s hair and I make sure to use the right type of brush that is best for the type of coat of my fur baby. Short or long fur you must brush it to remove the loose hair and brushing the fur also helps to spread out the natural oil of the hair of your fur baby in their body for a healthy and shining coat.

Types of Dog Brushes

🐾 Slicker Brush for Dog

It is able to EFFECTIVELY remove mats, tangles, dirt, and loose fur from your dog’s coats with MINIMAL effort. It also helps massage your dog for preventing skin disease, increasing blood circulation, and leaves your dog’s coat soft and shiny. Click here to check more slicker brush for dog at

🐾 Rake Brush for Dog

It offers a gentle and convenient way to detangle short, wiry, or tough coats while removing loose hair and mats. This grooming tool not only helps control shedding, but it also combs and delivers natural oils throughout their coat. Click here to check more rake brush for dog at

🐾 Bristle Brush for Dog

How To Groom and Bath a Dog (Step by Step Guide)
How To Groom and Bath a Dog (Step by Step Guide)
  • Fur Type: Short-haired, smooth-coated dogs
  • Breed Sample: Pugs, Italian Greyhounds, Jack Russell Terriers, and Boston Terriers

Gently brush your dog’s coat from head to tail starting at the sides first, then gradually moving toward their belly area, the bristle side helps remove loose hair and debris from the topcoat.

🐾 Pin Brush for Dog

Freely use on most hair types from shorter thick-haired to long wavy-haired dogs. Brush the hair before bathing as water may tighten any mats. Start at the rear of your dog and work your way forward, brushing in the direction of the hair growth. Use smooth, even strokes while applying light pressure.

This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children. For dogs use only.

Step 2: Nail Clipping

Long nails can cause walking problems such as arthritis, it may even curve and poke your fur baby foot that can cause pain while walking. In trimming your dog nails you must know where the dog’s nail vain is, with white nails, you can see the vain inside of it, it is a pinkish line, you must not cut it, only the white part you must cut.

For black nails, cut off a little bit at a time. You will see a tiny black dot surrounded by white when you get close to the vain, stop cutting when you see it. Trimmer your fur baby nails at least once a month.

Step 3: Brushing their Teeth

Step by Step Guide to Bathing and Grooming your Dog

Periodontal disease is one on so many causes of lack in cleaning your fur baby’s teeth. At the age of 3-year-old different dental problems may occur if you did not practice proper cleaning of the dog’s teeth.

You should brush your fur baby’s teeth every day with Dog toothpaste to prevent tartar build-up or other gums related problems and heart diseases, don’t use human toothpaste cause it has a bad chemical for dogs.

Step 4: Bath Time

How To Groom and Bath a Dog (Step by Step Guide)

How many times a week or month should we wash our fur babies? You should wash your dog ideally if needed only because of too much bathing your fur baby will cause to dry their skin and fur because of the natural oil of their body will wash out too by the shampoo we are using to them.

I personally recommend using organic shampoo to our fur baby because it does not dry the skin and fur. Don’t forget to dry your fur babies after taking a bath to ensure they will not chill.

In bathing our furbaby we making them safe from diseases that cause by germs so always make time for bathing your furbaby.

Step 5: Cleaning the Ears and Eyes


On How To Groom and Bath a Dog its very important to at least once a month clean your fur baby’s ear with an ear cleaner made for dogs, if you notice a super bad smell came from the ear of your fur baby visit a vet because it might need treatment.


Dogs who have thick hair usually grow hair around their eyes that can poke in their eyes and can cause eye problem so make sure to cut it every time it grows. If you see your furbaby has a wet in their eyes like crying get cotton and wet it with water and wipes it around the eyes so it won’t dry up and cause irritation.

Apply an eye drop for dogs if you see that your fur baby’s eyes are dry but make sure that you consulted the vet first before applying it.

Step 6: Trimming Hair

From time to time your fur baby needs to trim its hair especially dogs who have long and thick fur. Be prepared that you might injure your fur baby while trimming their hair so be extra careful in using scissors or razors. Stop and give your fur baby a treat if you see they are stressed while you cutting their hair.

If you like this step on How To Groom and Bath a Dog share your experience by commenting below.

Step by Step Guide to Bathing and Grooming your Dog

We do grooming and bathing for our fur babies because we want them to be clean and healthy. If you see your fur baby being stress while your grooming and bathing them stop and take it slowly until they are comfortable, giving treats is a very effective way to calm your fur baby.

Butler Oh
Butler Oh
Butler Oh is a long time dog lover. Dogs are always part of her family since she was young and she grows up as a loving and caring fur parent. She has been part of our team here at ohmylovelypets since 2019 and has provided a lot of great research and information about dogs.


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