How to Keep Your Dog Calm on Halloween


How to Keep Your Dog Calm on Halloween

Kids and kids at heart are usually delighted for Halloween, and you can always find frightening décor, noisy parties, and many ghostly-looking tasty meals and treats in every house throughout this day. You can’t also forget that during this day your doorbell ringing every now and then for the noisy Trick-or-treat of every child dressed in a Halloween spooky costume. All of these factors contribute to your lovely pets becoming anxious during this occasion. To celebrate this occasion without any trouble learn How to Keep Your Dog Calm on Halloween, it is for everyone’s safety and of course for your lovely dog.

How to Calm Dog Anxiety
How to Calm Dog Anxiety

For your lovely pets especially dogs, Halloween is likely to be more terrifying than joyous because of the continuous ringing of the doorbell, spooky noises, different people that come and go inside your home, and so on. Here are a few things you can do to help calm them down and stay safe and healthy during this occasion.

Keep Your Dog Inside a Room

How to Keep Your Dog Calm on Halloween

Even if you have a fence, don’t leave your pet in the yard on Halloween night, find the best room in your home that is far from the doorbell or main door to decrease noise from trick-or-treaters and another noisy and loud sound. Your lovely dog should be kept in a safe, cozy place so he or she may lie down and unwind, maybe in your bedroom that all windows are closed.

To make sure your lovely pet (dogs) is comfortable in the room even without you beside him or her you can do these things:

1 Play Relaxing Music – You can turn on your speaker set it up to a volume that will help block out the sounds but not too loud for dogs to keep calm and relax. Play music that is relaxing so that it won’t shock your dog or aggravate their noise phobia. You can check some relaxing playlists on youtube.

2 Set-Up a Comfortable Bed and Blankets – Having a comfy bed and pile of blankets where they can hide or relax is very important to keep your dog calm during a noisy spooky night of Halloween.

3 Leave Your Dog with Treats – To entertain your dog while you are busy entertaining your guest, make sure to leave them with their favorite tasty treats (advisable the one that is chewable for a long time) in the room, it will make your lovely pet busy for a couple of hours.

4 Bring There Favorite Toys With Them – To make sure your dog won’t get bored bring their favorite toys with them. It will also serve as their companion if you cant stay with your dog inside the room.

Before leaving your dog in the room make sure that all windows and doors where he/she can escape are closed. Also, check for the things that can hurt your lovely pet such as electric sacket sharp objects and so on.

Notify Your Guest The Dos and Donts

A Kid playing with party stuff while a dog looking at him

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, let your guests know what are the dos and don’t to keep your dog calm and safe. Your guest may be ecstatic to meet your lovely pet especially if there are so cute like your dog, but this isn’t the right time to introduce them to your dogs.

Make it clear to your guest that your dog’s room is off-limits and that noise levels in the area should be kept to a minimum. If your dog doesn’t mind the loud noises and the volume of guests in your house so you let him/her stall around make sure to notify your guest, not to pet and give any food (especially scrap food) to your dog.

Keep Halloween Candies Away

It is given that during Halloween your kitchen and lounge area is full of tasty Halloween candies, however, candy may be fatal to dogs so make sure to keep it away from them.

If your dog accidentally ate any type of candies especially chocolate (without the wrappers or stick) the chances are he/she might experience stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea, and worst death.

Don’t Let Your Dog Play Around The Decor (Pumpkins)

Dogs are naturally adventurous and curious, so make sure to not let them play in your yard or any place in your house that has Halloween decor. A lighted pumpkin can easily knock over by your dog while running and it might get them burned or start a fire in your house. Other decors might chew by your dogs that can cause blockages that are fatal.

To avoid any mishaps, keep pumpkins out of reach or in a different room from your dog. Also, make sure to stay and focus on your dog while they are outside for pee and poop so they won’t chew accidentally any of your decors.

Advice: If you are setting up or already set up your Halloween decor, it is best to keep your lovely dogs away from it. Make them stay in a room that is safe for them.

Make Your Dog Familiar To Your Halloween Costome

How to Keep Your Dog Calm on Halloween

It is funny to see your dog’s reaction when they saw you wearing spooky customer however some might frighten and gets anxious about it. To avoid this to happen make your dog familiar to you while wearing a costume.

It is also the same way if you are dressing your dog for Halloween. Even though it is so adorable to see your lovely pets wearing Halloween costumes, there are certain health issues to consider when deciding whether or not a costume is appropriate for your dog.

  • The dog costumes should be well-fitting, comfy, and allow your dog to move freely.
  • When buying a costume, make sure your dog can see, move, breathe, and bark comfortably in it.
  • Check the materials used, there should not be a small parts that might be chew and constitute a choking or blockages to dogs
  • The fabric used must be suitable for the weather.

You can check here the adorable Dog Halloween Costumes Ideas.

Celebrate Halloween safe and healthy for you and your lovely pets… Trick or Treats, Bow wow wow!!!

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