Purebred Dog or Mixed Breed Dog


A group of Purebred Dog or Mixed Breed Dog

A Dog breed (Purebred Dog or Mixed Breed Dog) is a specific dog type that was intentionally bred by humans since prehistoric times to perform specific tasks, such as hunting, herding, and guarding. 

Dogs fall into one of two groups, the purebreds or mixed breeds (also known as mongrel or mutt)

Purebred Dog

A purebred dog comes in the parents with the same ancestors and members of the same breed, they are typically a modern dog breed that is registered in the breed registry or also known as a studbook.

If you buy or adopt a purebred puppy you can predict how big or small he/she will get, their physical characteristic or personality, and what health condition they can have because they came from the same member of the dog breed.

Mixed Breed Dog

A Mixed Breed Dog also known as mongrel or mutt is a combination of different breeds of dogs, commonly they do not belong to a breed of dog that is registered in the studbook. Mixed-breed dogs are less likely to develop genetic health problems associated with inbreeding, meaning a mutt has a low possibility to have a common health problem for the specific purebred.

If you know what is the ancestry of a particular mix puppy you can likely predict how big or small he/she will get, their physical characteristic or personality, and what health condition they can have because they are just a combination of breeds of dogs.

In buying or adopting a dog whether they are purebred dog or a mixed-breed dog its very important to know their physical and behavioral characteristic to fit your lifestyle, for example, you are a type of person that loves to be active there is a dog breed that is so hyper which makes you force to play, there also a dog breed that is very calm and well sociable which is ideal for a person who loves a quiet yet lovely time. In choosing your dog you also have to consider the place where you live because they are a dog breed that needs plenty or large place and there are some that can do well in a small place or apartment type of house.

It is very advisable to do a research for the specific breed you want to have, look for their physical appearance, personality, health condition, and proper care know them more.

Butler Oh
Butler Oh is a long time dog lover. Dogs are always part of her family since she was young and she grows up as a loving and caring fur parent. She has been part of our team here at ohmylovelypets since 2019 and has provided a lot of great research and information about dogs.


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