National Lost Pet Prevention Month: 7 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog


#National Lost Pet Prevention Month:

As a fur parent, we love our fur baby so much, we treat them like a son, daughter, or sibling, and part of our family. We always want them to be healthy and safe all the time. My heart aches every time I see a flyer or post on social media looking for their lost pet, for sure that fur parent feels miserable and lost. July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month it serves as an important reminder to make sure our pets especially dogs stay safe and don’t get lost.

The most important thing to remember is that you can avoid this tragedy, even you take care of your dog so much accident happens and we can’t do anything but to take extra precautions to prevent it to occur. Below are the 7 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog:

1. Have A Fence In Your Yard

National Lost Pet Prevention Month: 7 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog

Having a yard in a house is a good idea if you have a dog, this is where they can play all around and used their energy but make sure you’ve double-checked the fencing around your property, check if your dog didn’t try to dig a hole, and also check to make sure that your dog isn’t able to jump on something and then jump over the fence.

2. Microchip Your Dog

National Lost Pet Prevention Month: 7 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog

Microchipping your dog is one of the modern ways to find your dog as soon as possible. The microchip contains the contact information of the owner and your primary vet or shelter information.

The chip is only about the size of a grain of rice and will be inserted under your dog’s skin by the vet and it will stay there for his or her entire life. You don’t have to worry because your dog won’t notice it.

The ASPCA strongly recommends that dog owners always have their pets chipped. The chip can be read by a scanner at most animal shelters which makes it easier to find the owner.

3. Get a good collar with an ID tag

Dog collar is very important it serves purposes like identification and decoration. It might be also used to train dogs, discourage them from barking, ward off fleas and ticks or protect injuries.

Just always make sure that it is not loose and not too tight, also check the comfortable and durable of the materials used. A collar with an ID tag must contain the contact information of the owner like name, phone number, and address, it must also have the name of the dog and its vaccination records.

It’s very important that you check your dog’s collar every now and then to make sure it’s still in proper shape and always update the information recorded to the ID tag.

National Lost Pet Prevention Month: 7 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog
National Lost Pet Prevention Month: 7 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog

You can try this personalize Stainless-Steel Pet ID Bone tag that you can put in your dog’s collar. This durable, long-lasting badge is laser-engraved with up to four lines of text on each side where you can put your dog name. 

4. Keep Your Dog On A Leash

Out of this 7 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog this is the most common thing dog parents have. Dog leash stops your dog from chasing animals, people, or bikes. When you are walking your dog on the side road or helping them to poop or pee outside the house it is very important to put them on a leash so you can control them and they can’t run away from you.

There’s a variety of styles of leashes for different types of dogs and different environments, find the best kind of leash that works for your dog, a large breed of dog needs a stronger leash, while the smaller breed needs a leash that is a bit shorter in length.

Try to keep your dog on a leash at all times when you are going outside with your dog. Not only is it a law in most states, but even the most well-behaved dog could get distracted by small animals that you don’t see. If you want to let your dog off-leash at a park, make sure it has a fence around it.

Try to check this FLEXI New Comfort Retractable Dog Leash, it is created for fur parents who want to give their lovely dog more freedom while maintaining safety and control distance at all times, this leash automatically adjusts with your dog’s movements, it lengthens as your dog walks in front, shortens when he’s/she’s by your side and lets you lock in the desired leash length by pushing down the lock button and sliding it forward-all while you’re on the go. The lock button also allows you to stop suddenly whenever you need your dog to stop.

5. Be Safe In The Car

Traveling with your fur baby is so great, you can enjoy both the new place or nature but during the travel in the car, you have to take extra precautions because that is also the time for your dog to get easy run from you. Your dog could easily run off when you open the car door. Some dogs could even escape if you open the window too far.

The safest way to travel with your dog is to observe their behavior if your dog has a tendency to stick their whole body out the window, be sure to keep the window closed far enough so their body can’t fit through. And if your dog gets easily excited when you open the door, make sure you leave their leash on. That way you can prevent the problem before it even happens.

When traveling it is best to use a dog seat belt to keep your dog safe and sound inside the car while you are driving, these adjustable safety straps attach to your dog’s harness and buckle directly into the seat belt to make sure everyone stays exactly where they should.

It is also better if you put them in an enclosed area like a secure doggy crate. Check this available Dog Crate on Amazon that you can put inside your car to secure your dog while traveling.

National Lost Pet Prevention Month: 7 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog

When you are traveling with your dog make sure to do not to leave them alone in the car in any situation. A car that is left under the sun for a long time will heat up inside and could make your dog die from heatstroke on a hot day, someone could also actually break into your car just to steal your dog.

6. Teach the ‘stay’ and ‘come’ command To Your Dog

a dog staying still while waiting for the hand command

It’s very important to teach your dog commands starting from when they’re puppies because this is the time that they can get easy to learn what you’re teaching them, older dogs can still learn the commands, too. However, the earlier training begins, the better.

One of the very useful commands your dog must know is “come” and “stay.” With these two commands, the probability of your dog getting lost is less likely. With this simple training, you stop your dog from running out the front door. Use treats as a motivator when teaching them.

If your dog knows these commands and recognizes you as their leader, they’ll be more likely to stop. Knowing these commands can not only keep your dog from getting lost, but it could even save your dog’s life.

7. Pay attention To Your Dog

National Lost Pet Prevention Month: 7 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog

Dogs depend on their owner a lot, it is very important that we keep our attention to them especially if we bought them outside the house or in an unfamiliar place to make them feel safe, it is also the easiest way to prevent your dog from getting lost.

Dangers and distractions can lead to accidents, dropped leashes, and dogs running off. Your dogs should always be in the eyesight of you. Even when your dog goes in your own backyard, you should know exactly where they are.

Remember to never ever leave your dog unattended because in that time accident might happen. Like a young kid, the dog needs attention and supervision.

I hope this 7 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog helps you to prevent accident to happen. If you have other suggestions on how to never lost your dog feel free to comment below so that we can help other fur parents like us.

Live with your dog with a happy and safe life.

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