New Year’s Eve Dog Safety Tips


New Year's Eve Dog Safety Tips
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Delicious foods, loud music, and fireworks are part of fun celebrations during New years eve, however, our lovely pet can get easily scared during these festivities that will become the reason why this season has a greater number of lost dogs during and after the holidays.

Dogs can get easily frightened of loud noises from the fireworks and music that will lead them to run away from their homes and get lost. To prevent this from happening, follow these New Year’s Eve Dog Safety Tips to make sure you and your lovely dog can have a cozy and safe welcome to a new year.

1. Walk/Exercise your dog during the day

Dogs always have a high level of energy that needs to be released to keep them calm. 

Make sure to give your dog physical exercise during the day of New years eve to make sure they will be tired and calm at night, a simple walk or jogging will help to reduce their energy but if you want them to get tired to make them fall asleep during the night of fireworks play with them for up to 1 ½ to more hours.

2. Keep your dog indoors

Before the party starts, or if there is fireworks in your area make sure to keep your dog indoors so they can’t escape the house, it will also lessen the stress they can get from the loud noises.

A cozy room with all windows,doors, and curtains close is the best place to keep your lovely dog. You can also muffle the sound of the loud noise of fireworks by playing calming music inside the room, also make sure to turn on the AC and provide plenty of dog foods, treats and fresh water for your lovely pets.

3. Ask about meds

Some dogs are very scared to even to the smallest noise especially if he/she has a trauma. Ask your Vet if your dog needs medication to help him/her keep calm.

4. Do not feed your dog human foods and alcohol

During New years eve you can’t leave out the party foods, every household has its own meals prepared to celebrate the new year makes sure this food won’t be reached by your dog, remember that not all human foods are safe for your lovely pet.

Not only foods you should keep on eye but also drinks especially alcohol, alcohol can be toxic to dogs if they drink it even by accident it might result in drooling, dry heaves or vomiting, low blood pressure, and possible coma and death. If you notice  your dog drink alcohol immediately, bring him/her to the nearest Vet.

5. Never let your dog stay outside the house

It is very important to secure your dog inside your house in that you can prevent unfortunate things from happening like they run away after hearing the fireworks or eating the debris from the fireworks that is very poisonous.

Keep your lovely dog inside the house and close all the doors and windows where they can escape to keep them safe.

6. Make sure to make your dog wear his/her collar with identification tags at all times

Always make sure to make your dog wear his/her collar all the time, the collar should have an ID tag (Check this dog Id tag available on Amazon) that includes your current address and phone number. 

Microchipping your dog is also very important if your dog tags are lost. Make sure the information on the microchips and ID tags are up to date.

With this, you can be assured to find your dog in case you lost him/her especially during new years eve.

7. Distract your dog

During loud noises of music and fireworks your dog might  show strange behavior like crying or whining. This is their way to show that they are maybe scared, as their owner you can help them surfast this fear by distracting them, you can play tag game or other active activity where you can distract their attention.

Playing some calming music while hugging him/her can also help to soothe their fear.

8. Clean up firework debris

After New years eve, you should still not let your dog stay outside the house because of firework debris or scrap foods that they might swallow or inhale. Before letting your dog roam outside make sure to clean thoroughly to avoid the unwanted poison that your dog might swallow. 

This list of New Year’s Eve Dog Safety Tips is made to help you keep your dog safe during the celebration, also make sure all your Christmas decorations are not reached by your dog to prevent them from chewing it.

Have a safe and cozy Holiday celebration with your family and lovely pets!

Butler Oh
Butler Oh is a long time dog lover. Dogs are always part of her family since she was young and she grows up as a loving and caring fur parent. She has been part of our team here at ohmylovelypets since 2019 and has provided a lot of great research and information about dogs.


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