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The Otterhound is a breed of dog originally bred for hunting otter in England. It is a scent hound that primarily hunts by scent rather than sight. Loyal, playful, friendly, and affectionate dog Otterhound is a great family pet companion. The Kennel Club recognized Otterhound as a Vulnerable Native Breed with around 600 animals worldwide.

Otterhound’s are not suitable to live in apartments, they need enough space to roam around. They love to play with kids and other dogs in the house, they are very energetic so enough outdoor exercise is advisable for them, a simple walk in the morning or playing fetch game in your yard will make this dog happy.

Otterhound Dog Breed Pictures

  • Otterhound relaxing on the grass field
  • The Otterhound face
  • Otterhound laying down with white background
  • A brown Otterhound sitting
  • A Otterhound runningv on the garden
  • Otterhound face with eyes cover of its fur

Vital Stats:

Dog Breed Group

Hound Dogs


24 to 27 Inches


64 to 110 Pounds

Life Span

10 to 13 Years

Otterhound Appearance

Otterhound has great strength and a strong body with long striding steps, they have extremely sensitive noses which make them inquisitive and perseverant in investigating scents.

A scruffy-looking double coat that is the characteristic of Otterhound’s coat, their outer coat is two to six inches long, rough, and very thick while their undercoat is woolly and slightly oily. It comes in any recognized hound color except liver and white, all white, or white with distinct black and tan patches. Black and tan grizzle are common.

They are relatively weather-resistant, and he can bound in and out of streams and lakes without the undercoat absorbing a great deal of water. It is advisable to bathe and groom them as necessary, used the right shampoo and conditioner for their fur to make it soft, silky, and smell good. 

It is best to keep their dental hygiene and nail care properly too, periodontal disease is very common to dog whatever their size, brush their teeth several times a week to help remove tartar and bacteria and maintain the good condition of their teeth. Trim their nails once or twice a month to prevent injury in your dogs, long nails can also cause arthritis or other health concern in dogs. Short, neatly trimmed nails keep the feet in good condition and prevent our dog’s legs and our legs too from getting scratched when they excitedly jump up to greet us.


The Otterhounds generally weigh around 29-41 kg for females and 41-50 kg for males, their height range from 61-69 cm (24 to 27 inches).

Otterhound Personality


The Otterhound is a friendly, sweet, loyal, and very affectionate dog, they love to kiss and snuggle with their owner for a long period of time. They are sociable and polite to a stranger but when they see a threat to you as their owner or when a stranger comes inside your home without your notice they will surely corner them and can become aggressive if needed.

They are intelligent but because of their being so independent training them might e not so easy. With early socialization, they can be a good companion with other animals in the house. They can be a good playmate with children too as long as you teach the children how to handle properly the dogs for the safety of the dogs and the children themselves.

They love to play and need plenty of exercises to burn off their high energy. A simple walk in the morning will make them fit and healthy.

Otterhound Health

Otterhound average life span is 10 to 13 years, this breed generally healthy, but like all other breeds of dog, they’re prone to certain health conditions too. The following is a common disease they can have.

Ear InfectionsIt is a common canine health problem, and it can be caused by allergies, yeast, ear mites, bacteria, hair growth deep in the ear canal, and more.
CataractsIt is an opacity in the lens of a dog’s eye, causing him to have blurry vision. 
Periodontal Disease It is an inflammation of some or all of a tooth’s deep supporting structures, it happens when food and bacteria build up along the gums and form plaque that when combined with saliva and minerals will transform into calculus or also known as tartar.
AllergiesIt is a misguided reaction to foreign substances by the body’s immune system of your dogs.
Hip DysplasiaIt is an abnormal formation of the hip socket that, in its more severe form, can eventually cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis of the joints.

How much is Otterhound?

In buying to a legit Breeder you can expect to pay $500– $600 to Otterhound puppy.

The legit breeder puts a lot of effort into high quality and healthy breeding of dogs. They provide healthy Dog Foods, visit the Vet for check-ups, Vaccinations, Vitamins, and proper Grooming of the dogs. The breeder will coup up all the expenses he/she spent to provide a healthy breed to you so expect a little expensive.

An Otterhound puppy playing a stick of treats

Here in ohmlovelypets we encourage aspiring fur parent or current fur parents to Adopt and Don’t Shop. Give those lovely pets the opportunity to feel love, care, and to have their so-called furever home.

Note: Taking care of dogs is not easy, you have to be responsible for their life, provide their necessary needs like Visit Vet ones a year for their health check-up, Complete and follow up Vaccinations, Foods, and Vitamins as their maintenance, and the most important is Time to play and cuddle. But in return, you will receive the greatest and unconditional love in the world.

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