September 28 World Rabies Day: Vaccinations And Prevention


September 28 World Rabies Day - Vaccinations And Prevention

In 2017 the World Rabies Day is started to help educate people around the world about the dangers of rabies to humans and animals, and starting from that it is now celebrated every September 28 of the year.

World Rabies Day is a reminder to us humans to make sure that our pets (especially dogs) are up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations and to raise awareness of the importance of it to all of us.

Every September 28 in the United States, veterinarians educate fur parents about rabies symptoms and the importance of keeping their fur baby’s on vaccinations against the deadly disease. In other countries, they did some mass free rabies vaccine to raise awareness.

What is Rabies?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the rabies virus is a viral disease that infects the central nervous system of mammals and will result in the disease in the brain and death of the infected.

Rabies is a disease that is transmitted from infected animals to humans through saliva, bite, scratches.

The Symptoms Of Rabies In Dogs

The symptoms of rabies in dogs have 2 stages the change in behavior and the paralytic.

Stage 1: The change in behavior – Commonly your dog will become aggressive, irritable they will start attacking other animals, humans, and even objects. Your dog that is very excitable can suddenly become obedient. The following is also the symptoms of rabies affecting the behavior of your dog:

  • Constantly licking, biting, and chewing the site where they were bitten.
  •  Fever 

Stage 2: Paralytic Stage – In this stage, the dogs start to become hypersensitive to touch, light, and sound, they might stop eating and drinking, and their throat and jaw muscles will paralyze resulting in the well-known symptom of foaming at the mouth. The dehydration takes over, and total paralysis starts to set in, weakness, seizures, and sudden death

Rabies Vaccinations And Prevention

a dog licking the woman in the face

There is no treatment or cure for rabies so prevention through vaccination against the virus is very important.

Vaccinating your dogs will not only protect them from getting rabies, but it also protects the other animals or humans they bite.

Always make sure to keep your dog rabies vaccine up to date, some vaccine needs to be updated every once a year and some are every three years. Your vet will tell you more specific details of the rabies vaccine she/he administered to your dog, he/she will also tell you about the right vaccination for your dog’s age and health conditions together with its schedule.

For more information about rabies and for how you can participate in World Rabies Day, visit the Global Alliance for Rabies Control website today.

For further information about the rabies virus, global rabies eradication campaigns, or to find out how you can participate in World Rabies Day, visit the Global Alliance for Rabies Control website today.

Responsible fur parents will vaccinate their pets against the virus. Spread information about the World Rabies Day and help those new fur parents to what they need to know.

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