The Top 7 Indoor Activities for Dog


The Top 7 Indoor Activities for Dog

The weather is starting to get chill, the rainy season is now getting ready to wave on your windows and door. Yes, it’s now officially the end of summer and the begging of gloomy and cold weather, it’s sad but that’s nature. Like you, our lovely pets especially dogs feel the same during this season so let us lift up their by providing an indoor activity that you and they will love. The Top 7 Indoor Activities for Dog!!

Dogs love staying beside us but they also love walking and playing outside, however, those things are impossible if the season is a little bit cold or wet.

A cold or wet season must not become a hindrance to make your lovely dogs fit and happy. There are ways to enjoy playing and exercising indoor. Keep reading and to know what are they and try it out at your own home!

The Top 7 Indoor Activities for Dog

1. Tug of war

Playing tug of war helps your lovely dogs to get rid of some excess energy they have. It is also a way to train and teach them some self-control.

2. Play hide-and-seek

Playing hide and seek will make your dog used their brain, it is also a fun way to interact with them. You can use their favorite toys or treats when playing this game. Make sure to start playing this by making them see where to hide the treat. After that, hide the treat in another room and then let them search for it.

It is also fun to hide from them and let them find you. It will be so cute to watch them think and go around the house looking for their dearest love!

3. Set up an obstacle course

Playing with obstacles course will not only make your dog move inside of your home but he/she will also exercise his/her brain. Playing this with their favorite treats will be so effective for them to drive more and give their best in the course.

4. Dog Bowling

Let your dog enjoy and used their energy! Putting a bunch of toys in front of him/her and letting him/her run over with it will make them hyper and so happy. It s the best way to drive away their boredom and make them happy.

5. Take a bunch of selfie

In this cold and wet weather, there is nothing much better than staying inside the house, sitting on the couch next to the fireplace, or laying down in the bed and snuggling with your lovely pets.

It is time to change your social media profile picture, take a bunch of selfies with your lovely dog.

6. Play fetch in a new way.

Playing fetch is not only possible in parks, you can also play this with your lovely dogs inside your house. Just make sure to put away everything that can poke or hurt your lovely dog and you can enjoy this never-ending and never-tiring fetch game!

7. Make doggy dinner together

What a great way to start and end the day inside of your own home wearing your comfy pajamas and snuggling with your lovely pets.

While you are both enjoying this cold weather you can also have a meal that will make your stomach so happy. Making DIY doggy food will make your dog very happy so get your phone now and search for the best home-cooked meal you can prepare for your lovely pets.

Click and see here the safe and unsafe foods for dogs.

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