10 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate


Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

Dogs are loyal and very easygoing, they enjoy delicious food, sleeping in a comfy bed, going on walks, and receiving your love and attention. However, there are some Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate, want to know what are those?

A day in a life of Shih Tzuers 🐾
A day in a life of Shih Tzuers 🐾

Because dogs are loyal and easygoing, they generally accept human behavior. However, there are some things that your dog secretly despises that you or others do. You can probably think of a few things your dog despises that are self-evident, such as escaping the bath or cuddling time.

Here are some frequent human behaviors that irritate, worry, or confuse dogs, causing them to flee.

1. Hurrying Them To Potty

When dogs go out to potty, they want to be able to take their time, in addition to doing their business, they want to be able to explore and sniff around.

Instead of hurrying your dog, teach them to return once they’ve finished their business. When teaching your dog to return after going potty, you can utilize treats and positive reinforcement.

2. Giving Lots Of Hug

Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

Do you love giving your lovely dogs hugs? Hugging is the easiest method for us humans to communicate love and thanks to one another, but not with our furry friends.  Some dogs dislike being hugged, especially by strangers. Arms around a dog’s neck or torso might be interpreted as a threat. Although most dogs tolerate gentle hugs from trustworthy people, this does not imply that they enjoy them.

Hugging causes your dog to be confused and irritated, they definitely do not understand or appreciate it. Allowing the dog to snuggle on his own terms and petting him on the back and chest is a preferable option. Some dogs enjoy being cuddled so  It’s critical that you recognize and respect your own dog’s boundaries. 

Hugging causes your dog to be confused and irritated, they definitely do not understand or appreciate it. Allowing the dog to snuggle on his own terms and petting him on the back and chest is a preferable option. Some dogs enjoy being cuddled so  It’s critical that you recognize and respect your own dog’s boundaries. 

Give importance to your lovely dog’s facial expressions to get a sense of how he feels when you hug him. He’s probably uncomfortable if he leans away, averts his gaze, yawns, licks his lips, has a troubled expression, or makes other appeasement actions. To understand more your dog learns their doggie body language.

3. Leaving Alone For A Long Time

Most dogs despise being left alone, they require and enjoy spending time with their owners. Being alone at home all day is their biggest dread. Even a few seconds without their beloved owner can cause a tremendous deal of anguish for certain dogs, especially if your cherished companion suffers from separation anxiety.

When they are alone at home, they become bored, then stressed, and lastly stressed, which leads to profound anxiety or despair! It’s the worst thing that could happen, especially to Labradors, Retrievers, and Terriers!

If you must leave your lovely pets at home alone, make sure they have adequate food, drink, and toys to keep them occupied. If possible, leave them with someone you trust and who is familiar with your pets.

4. Wrong Walking Time

Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

One of the Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate is walking at the wrong time. Make sure you catch your dog’s signals, if it’s too hot or cold outside, a walk might not be the greatest choice. Humans like noon walk but bear in mind that in the heat of summer, the pavement may be blistering hot, making your dog’s paws quite unpleasant. In the winter, make sure the temperature isn’t too chilly and that there’s a place to stroll where the snow isn’t too heavy. Snow can become stuck between a dog’s toes, making walking unpleasant.

If you can’t resist taking your wonderful dog for a walk during those times, make sure you have certain basics on your hands, such as water and dog shoes in the summer, and a winter doggie jacket and winter boots in the winter, though not all dogs enjoy wearing such items (see number 5)

5. Wearing Clothes or Any Accesories

Do you enjoy shopping for your lovely dog’s outfits? If you do that, keep in mind that in the world of dogs, dressing up is not a fun thing for them.  They may endure it out of courtesy at times, but do not over-indulge them in this sort of activity because it is not enjoyable for them! However, dressing your wonderful dog in order to obtain a quick charming picture may be OK, but be aware of their reaction and remove the clothing as soon as discomfort appears! If your dog isn’t monitored, you’ll observe him ripping the costumes off.

6. Not Letting to Sniff and Explore on Walks

Walks are enjoyable for dogs for reasons other than exercise. Taking your dog for a stroll outside allows him to explore the environment. Your dog investigates the environment first with his nose, then with his other senses. They despise it when you rush them through a stroll without letting them stop and sniff (and do pee-mark).

If you think about it, it’s like someone pulling you through your favorite store by your arm without letting you look around. Wouldn’t that be aggravating if it happened all the time? So, the next time you take your dog on a stroll, allow him plenty of time to investigate his surroundings.

7. Loud Noises (Especially Fireworks)

Dogs’ hearing is far more sensitive than humans, therefore a slight noise to us may be quite loud to them, which is why they dislike loud noises like fireworks. When November 5th rolls around, it’s especially challenging for dog owners. They must find a technique to keep their pets as quiet and relaxed as possible. Even though fireworks are often reserved for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve and Bonfire Night, we nevertheless appreciate them all year. This is unfortunate for dogs, as many of them despise the sound of fireworks. Dogs have incredible hearing and are particularly sensitive to loud noises like fireworks.

8. Talking Only To Them

Dogs can derive the meaning of a few important phrases (e.g., walk, treat, toy, off), but they are unable to comprehend human language. Our body language is what they use to figure out what we’re saying. Unfortunately, if we simply listen to what our tongues say and ignore what our bodies are expressing, we can easily convey confusing messages.

9. Petting Dog’s Face or Head

Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

The majority of people believe that dogs enjoy being stroked on the head. If someone reached their hand toward your face, you’d probably jerk your head back and lean away, becoming uncomfortable as a result of the violation of personal space. While many dogs may tolerate it if it is done by someone they know and trust, the majority of dogs do not appreciate it. When you reach for her face to pet her, even the most devoted family dog may pull away slightly. It’s just as big a personal space issue for dogs as it is for humans.

Petting your dog’s back or rear is a nice way to interact with her, but don’t pat her or aim for her face. Give your dog a massage on the back of the head towards the tail if you truly want to reward them.

10. You Being Sad

During their tenure as man’s closest friend, dogs have learned a lot about people. They’ve taught themselves to read our emotions and detect our facial expressions. People claim that their pets are able to read their emotions and comprehend when they are sad.

These Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate is when their owners are worried and upset, dogs don’t enjoy it. They seem to sense their owner’s anxiety and don’t seem to appreciate it when he or she is tense. They cope by acting in the same way, either to console their owners or completely withdrawing themselves from the situation.

Hope this list of Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate can help you more in understanding your lovely pet’s behavior. Even the most laid-back dog will despise some of the things we humans do, despite the fact that they endure it because they love and trust us.

Butler Oh
Butler Oh
Butler Oh is a long time dog lover. Dogs are always part of her family since she was young and she grows up as a loving and caring fur parent. She has been part of our team here at ohmylovelypets since 2019 and has provided a lot of great research and information about dogs.


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